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We all have our favorite automobiles from the golden age of muscle cars, and these cars are classics for a reason. However, it can never hurt to expand your horizons outside of the norm; heck, maybe you’ll find a new ride to admire. This list will explore the rare, underrated, and unusual in the muscle car world, the ones that deserve attention the most.

1968 Dodge Hemi Dart

Image by cars-on-line.com


This car is a variant of the original Dodge Dart, which was made as a street-legal dragster. The Hemi Dart consolidated the high-performance engine and speed into a smaller frame. It was reported that only 80 of this model were built, and they came with a disclaimer that the car was not intended for street use.

1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint

Image by Wikipedia


Essentially a prototype for the 1964 1/2 Mustangs that were made a year later, the Sprint didn’t sell incredibly well, as it was overshadowed by Ford‘s other big releases in the 60’s. It was, however, the only first-gen Falcon with a V8 option, which makes it a big deal to collectors. Additionally, just over 10,000 of these cars were ever produced.

1970 AMC Rebel Machine

Image by Wikipedia


Aimed for sales to the high-performance racer crowd, the Rebel Machine was one mean car. Only 2,326 of these were built before the Machine label was passed onto a new line of cars, but real fanatics still keep a place for the Rebel Machine in their hearts.

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