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Here is a story about a $50 Prison Car, 70 Challenger RT 383 Restored by one of our Muscle Car Fans.

“Hey there, you told me to send you some pics of my car so that you could feature it. It’s a 1970 Dodge Challenger RT an original 383 with air and slapstick auto car. I bought the car for $50 from a guy in prison with a bill of sale and an outdated title that was never put in his name. I had 3 other parts cars at one time that I found in various places, but had decided to use this one because the rear quarters were pretty solid. It did need both rear floor pans, drivers side floor pan, and patch panels in the passenger side front as well as whole new trunk floors. The rear filler deck was rusted out and the top was too from a vinyl top. I actually cut the top skin off another car I had and the rotten top that was in my car and transplanted the rust free top onto my car. Whoever had mounted the car to the truck chassis took a torch and cut out the torsion bar mounts so I had to do some extensive metal work there and weld some new mounts in from another car. This car took me about 16 years to finish. I would work on it a while, then lose interest, or run out of money, however I never got rid of it. When my wife became pregnant with our firstborn, I told her that I needed to finish the car before he was born, or it would never happen, so I spent my wife’s entire first pregnancy in the garage. I have done everything on this car but paint, I did, the suspension work, the body work, metal work, rebuilt the 383, and rebuilt the transmission, I know every nut and bolt on this car and did it in a 1 stall garage.”

“The car is bored .030 over with 906 heads competition springs and a cam. A Holley 650 feeds the intake and I got a mild stall converter, Sure Grip rear end. It’s got a Magnaflow 3” SS exhaust with Hooker Headers.”
One of our Muscle Ca Fans sent photos of this restoration he did.

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