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Flex Your Muscle Car, 50’s-70’s American Street Racers

From the mid 50’s through the 70’s they were kings of the road.
The Street Racer.
Cruising the local Boulevard or Avenue, parking at drive-in restaurants looking for the next racing victim, racing deserted runways, back roads and winning at the Dragstrip every Sunday.
On Monday your “dial in time” was written in white shoe polish on the passenger side windshield as you cruised town or parked in your High School lot to show off a good race time, or be ridiculed for a slow time.
The fastest cars attracted the fastest girls. If you lost a race, you might also lose your girl.
With sensual body lines, custom paint jobs and powerful engines that defied sluggish police cruisers, muscle cars were the emperors of the road.
It was a do or die existence as a street racer.
You raced for titles. You raced for respect. You raced to vent your rage.
The faster you went, the better you felt.
Until it was over…crashes…loss of your license or a new bride wiped out most the street racers in the 60’s & 70’s. Then there was a new law that made drag racing illegal.(was it ever legal?)

Where I grew up we had Motor City Dragway, Short Cut Road and Gratiot Avenue. With a  very rare Woodward apperance.
But… a few were able to keep their cars garaged and even race them occasionally. Inevitably passing them on to their children and now grandchildren who sometimes avidly race them at the local eighth-mile dragstrip.

We at Muscle Car Fan are here to listen and tell your story.
We do not advocate any type of street racing but acknowledge the fact that it did happen in the past. Tell us your story and send photo’s if you can.

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