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The Windsor was introduced in 1939 and continuously produced until 1942 when the war interrupted all manufacturing. After a 3 year hiatus production continued for the Chrysler Windsor until 1961 in the USA and until 1966 in Canada.


The fluid drive was introduced by Chrysler in 1939. The feature is added to a factory equipped three speed standard transmission with a conventional clutch, but in addition, a hydraulic coupling is also present. The coupling performs the same as the flywheel; in succeeding years a modern style torque converter will be used in the hydraulic couplings place. The fluid drive allows the operator to leave the car in first gear, the vehicle stopped,  without activating the clutch peddle. The engine can remain idling, at a stop, in 1st gear similar to an automatic, but the transmission must be shifted the same as a traditional three speed. The 250.6 CID – L-head six engine can maintain an idle, stopped, in  high gear, then brought to driving speed like an automatic, although sluggishly. For the best performance  the transmission will have to be shifted.

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