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Air conditioning = Horsepower?

While it may seem unreal and a complete contradiction that an air conditioning unit can be used to actually increase horsepower, but believe it or not it’s true. Dodge has engineered such a process to help the Demon create its 840 horsepower, but how is it possible?

The Dodge Demon is, using engine power to run the air conditioning system—and to create additional power. The secret is within the Demon‘s chiller system, which is one component of the entire cooling system.

Hot gas refrigerant travels through the condenser, where it then becomes a hot liquid refrigerant. From there, it’s sent to an expansion valve which then sends the cooled gas to either the cabin or to the chiller. It’s one or the other—the system does not cool passengers and create extra power.

For the extra power, the system creates a cold liquid coolant that is sent to the intercooler, which further cools down air being sent to the engine. The chiller is able to reduce the air’s temperature by 50 degrees. The cooler air creates the additional power. While the chiller may cost the Dodge Challenger Demon engine power run to actually run it, the cooler, denser air outweighs the loss and creates more power.

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