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The Mercury line-up only uses a 410 (6.7 L) FE engine from 1966 through ’67. The 410 combines the 4.05 inch bore of the 390 with the 3.98 inch (101.09 mm) stroke and a 10.5:1 compression ratio of the 428 which comes into production for 1966 as well.

64 galaxie 2

The 427 cu in (7.0 L) FE engine was a top pick from its introduction in 1963 at race tracks and enthusiasts followed by a host of performance enhancing equipment to help make them quicker. The 390 and the 427 have the same 3.78 inch (96.01 mm) stroke and the 427 bore size is 4.23 inches (107.442 mm). After you do the math this 427’s firing chamber is actually rounded  up from 425 cubes for whatever reason. All of the 427 engines have a crankshaft balanced internally and solid lifters are used for every year other than 1968 when hydraulic lifters are installed at the factory.   The iron castings for the 427 engine block are thicker down the walls of each cylinder and on the deck to take the pressure plus the heat created in the firing chamber. The first 427 engines in ’63 are all top oiler to send cooling lubrication to the top end first, A side oiler system is available in 1965 which puts oil to the crankshaft first, much like the older “Y” block. These engines can be bolted to low, medium and high riser (heads) intake, but the cast iron manifold can also be upgraded to an aluminum one that could be mounted with a single four barrel carburetor or two four barrel units for a quicker ride. Ford never actually published specs on these engines, but this FE 427 will develop 400 hp (298.28 kW) or more with ease. Tunnel-port heads with matching intake ports were produced by Ford and these units do not cram the intake port between a pair of sleeved push rods that partly block the passage. The FE 427 engine had been designed with racing in mind and there was lots of other factory produced high performance equipment and a large quantity of aftermarket speed parts are still widely available.

1964 Fairlane 3

The valvetrain 427 side oiler Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) or the Cammer is Fords answer to the 426 Chrysler Hemi “elephant”. This engine is meant to assert Ford as the dominant player in NASCAR events from the start in the ’64 race season. The block is smaller and lighter than the earlier 427 with dimensions closer to the 392 FE. The deck height of this FE427 block is 10.17 inches (258.3 mm) more than a half inch less than the Chrysler 392 and the 4.63 inch (117.6 mm) bore spacing is less than the 426 Hemi’s 4.8 inch (121.9 mm). The Cammer has a lot going for it and durability of this side oiler FE427 block is proven time and again at NASCAR events. This engine uses an idler shaft to replace the camshaft and the camshaft bearing holes were plugged to complete the modification. This idler shaft is used to drive the distributer and the oil pump in the traditional manner, but the shaft also drive a six foot (1.8 Meter) long timing chain which powers the SOHC in each of the heads. The timing chain can be an issue to set properly-particularly when the engine is run in its highest range. The two single overhead camshafts are relocated above each of the heads to trigger the roller rocker arms mounted on a shaft or valvetrain. The cast iron heads have hemispherical combustion chambers-or Hemi-but this word is patented by Chrysler. The valvetrain has larger valves than on the Ford wedge heads engines and the exhaust valves are made of hollow stainless steel filled with sodium to prevent the valves from burning. The valves have dual springs and the SOHC system is highly rated for volumetric efficiency in the top rpm range. The high output ignition coil passes current to a dual-point distributor with an ignition amplifier that is transistorized to guarantee complete combustion. The 427 Cammer is a hand built engine, but Ford strongly recommends blueprinting them if it is to be used on the race track. The FE 427 Cammer with a four barrel carburetor (4V) will generate 616 hp (459 kW) @ 7000 rpm and a torque peak of 515 lb-ft. (698 Nm) @ 3800 rpm, but with two 4V carburetors the rating is upped to 657 hp (490 kW) @ 7500 rpm with torque peaking @ 575 lb-ft. (780 kW). The engine weights 680 lbs (308 kg) with the duel carbs and would have retailed for $2350.00 as a crate engine in 1968.








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