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The fifth-generation Ford Ranchero, produced in 1970/71, is on the Torino platform. An owner could order it with a Gem top for the box or the Squire version was also an option with wood-grain vinyl appliqué on the body. For the sporty look, though, the Ranchero could also have a bright laser stripe package with this pinstriping extending down each side and across the tail gate if you liked. The lines are a smooth, curvy, Coke bottle styling, and the Ranchero shares the same shallow pointed grille as its platform mate, the Torino. This body styling is the same from ’68 to ’72, although the ’70 model features a sweeping 57-degree slope on the windshield. Hideaway headlights are an option on each year as well as the oversized hood scoop, but it’s mounted on a ridged hood for ’71.

Ford Ranchero 1970 front

© Ldionisio | Dreamstime.com Ford Ranchero GT

These two years are the first of the Ranchero’s to have their unique badging displayed in the passenger compartment. In previous years, they sported the logos of the other vehicle it shared a platform with. This fifth generation is on a 117-inch wheelbase and could be ordered with power brakes with a further choice of front discs to give greater stopping power. Optional exterior goodies available are locking hood pins, egg crate grille, and the GT badging. The interiors with high back bucket seats, a console, and a tachometer are all on the table.

The most popular model for these two years is the base Ranchero 500 with a three-speed transmission or the automatic; both mounted on the column. The engines are either the 155 bhp six-cylinder or two small-block V8s. The GT version comes with a 302-cubic-inch engine developing 220 bhp. There was an intermediate 351-cubic-inch Cleveland V8 engine also available with two power choices, the base two-barrel, developing 250 bhp, and the other had 300 bhp with a four-barrel on the intake. If you ordered the 351 four barrel with an automatic, it was the FMX transmission.

Otherwise, the C4 automatic, three-speed manual, or four-speed transmissions were all possible options for most of the above. These all came with a standard Ford light-duty rearend or the high-quality, durable  9-inch type, but either differential could have a variety of gear ratios inside from 2.75:1 to 3.50:1, unless the owner picked traction lock, then the ratios ranged from 3.00:1 right up to 4.30:1.

Ford Ranchero 1970

© Ldionisio | Dreamstime.com Ford Ranchero GT

However, also available in ’70 and ’71 was the 429-cubic-inch (7.0L) V8 with a four-barrel and two available upgrades, but this was a very rare version with only 153 units from the factory with the optional four-speed only fitted into 78 units. Also, a very small percentage of those were sold with the shaker hood, but there are no figures for this choice.

There were two very high-powered versions of this engine that an owner could purchase in ’70 or ’71. One was the new for ’70 Ram Air Cobra Jet package or the tried-and-true Super Cobra version, which came with a shaker hood, if you chose it. Either one produced 370 bhp and develop 480 lbs.-ft.of torque.

Should you find and decide to purchase one of these collector items, you could reasonably to expect to pay $100,000 or more unless you can find one that needs a lot of work to make it drivable.

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