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What is Craig Stanton's Secret for Maintaining a Competitive Edge?

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Redox is Short for Reduction of Oxidation. You have probably heard of anti-oxidants. Redox is way better than the anti-oxidants you have heard of, because it operates inside your cells. When your body burns oxygen, it creates free radicals. Your body will create 100 sextillion free radicals per day (1 with 23 zeroes), and they are looking for an electron. If your body does not mop them up, then they will steal an electron from your cells and start a chain reaction. That is called oxidative stress, and Redox combats it inside your cells. Nearly everything chronic can be traced back to oxidative stress. Even inflammatory stress can be traced back to oxidative stress due to a misbehaving immune system.

Redox has been proven to increase the efficiency of Glutathione, the master anti-oxidant, by 500% to 800%. You would have to eat a whole truckload of consumable anti-oxidants to get the same effect. Redox molecules will supply the electron, and anti-oxidants like Glutathione will connect them together. You Redox molecule levels will decline by about 10% per decade starting at the age of 20, and your Glutathione levels will decline by about 15% per decade starting at the age of 20. Redox also helps your cells communicate, repair, and regenerate like they were young, and it turns large numbers of your genes back on. If you keep clicking “Next,” then you will see that it has all been validated by premier third-party laboratories. You can see their reports for yourself.

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