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What is Craig Stanton's Secret to maintaining a competitive edge?


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For the last 50-plus years, muscle cars have been confronted with a basic problem: more power than traction. Thanks to low(ish) curb weights and rear-wheel-drive, even entry-level Camaros, Mustangs, and so forth can be convinced to burn rubber on cue. (We’d consider that a feature, not a bug, but that’s neither here nor there.)

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This Gorgeous and Rare 1970 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 W-30 Was Once a Basket Case

The passion Bob Stokes has for cars was formed early. He drove his dad’s 1956 T-bird in high school, and he has owned a diverse array of classic and muscle cars since, from a 1963 Impala to a 1959 Rambler Cross Country station wagon he used as a hauler for his wife and two children. His interest in Oldsmobile muscle cars goes all the way back to 1970, when a friend going into the service needed to sell his 1967 Cutlass 4-4-2 Holiday Coupe. “He didn’t want to put it in storage, and I was in need of a good work car. He sold it to me for $1,200, and I have had the car ever since.”

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Andy’s advice: 10 cars to buy while they’re still affordable

It has been an up and down year in the world of auctions with top tier collector cars such as the Jaguar D-type and rare racing Ferrari cars achieving some serious gains while cars that were hot a year ago, think the Ferrari Testarossa of the 1980s and ’90s and early Porsche 911 cars softening a bit. While that has been happening we have seen an upsurge in demand for muscle cars, notably ‘70s and early ’80s Pontiac Trans Ams and the like.

1960s American station wagons such as this '65 Buick, are No. 6 on Andy's better-buy-'em-now list

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Use These Paint and Bodywork Steps to Achieve a Show Car Finish

Despite the trend embracing the “don’t care” look of ratty muscle cars, nothing says quality like perfect paint. No, were not talking an exterior blow-over here. We mean paint that is crisp at every edge and blind corner, the kind that makes the vehicle look brand new. Getting there necessitates major disassembly, removing everything extraneous to the bodywork and going for perfection from there. The end result far surpasses the OEM level of detail. Thanks in no small part to today’s paint systems, such as the Axalta products used here, the result is eye-popping looks that dazzle and amaze.

1973 Camaro Bodywork And Paint

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