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Most of you are familiar about how traffic works and by now probably know the sad truth about how traffic can get backed up with only a few people not keeping their distance from the vehicle in front of them, which causes them to hit the brakes harder than they are supposed to and start the so called phantom traffic jam. The occurrence of a traffic being stopped to a halt without any of the lanes being closed for road work or car accidents.
Today we bring you some explanations on how these things exactly occurs and what causes it to go away. The principle is actually pretty simple, and if all drivers do the following the chances of causing a traffic jam will be cut significantly. By keeping an equal distance with the vehicles that are in front and behind you, we can help fight the traffic jam. So remember, tailgating is one of the worst things you can do in traffic.
But this is a lot easier said than done, since there are many drivers out there that this has not been explained to, and we think it should be explained to all the student drivers as a basic principle. For this to work perfectly everybody needs to keep the same distance, since there is not much you can do for the guy that is following you too close, except leave even more room in front of you so when you slow down, you can do it even more gradually in order to make up a little bit for his mistake.
So then the best solution comes with autonomous vehicles since, their robotic brain can be programed to always keep a safe distance, and eve communicate the need for acceleration or deceleration to all the other autonomous vehicles.

This it seems would be the perfect solution.
Until we get enough cars to be autonomous, we would have to rely on the afore mentioned principle, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

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