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The interior of the 1966 SS features a newly designed pair of thin shelled high backed bucket seats with a center console or the strato bench seat with a fold down armrest is also a choice but the gauge package is optional equipment. The full sized SS sales dropped by 50% in ’66-the very fickle public sector chose to buy auto’s from the mid-sized market. The most popular vehicles in ’66 were the SS396 Chevelle or the Nova SS, and these two competitors are from the same division.


For the 1967 model year the SS has less trim features than the balance of the Impala lineup. The more elegant SS sports a blacked out grill with e same treatment given to the side and rear fender trim while lesser models are featuring chromed garnishes. The basic wheel covers are the same on all the full sized line up but the SS version has the logo on its hub caps enclosed in a red/white/blue circle. The badging and scripting for ’67 all reads ”Impala SS”.

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1966 Impala SS

67-impala-ss 68-impala-ss

                1967 Impala SS                               1968 Impala SS

In 1967 there were only 400 of the Impala SS leave the assembly room equipped with the six cylinder the balance have a V8 engine under the hood and the “RPO Z24” option was factory installed in only 2,124 units. The RPO Z24 also goes by the moniker of SS427 and is available until the demise of the SS Impala at the end of the “69 model year. This option includes as basic equipment RPO F41 which consists of a heavy duty suspension to accommodate the extra power and other high performance parts. Under the hood is the Turbo-Jet (RPO F41) 427 cu in (7.0 L) V8 engine offering up to 385 bhp (287 kW). The package also includes large SS427 logos and not the Impala SS badging that is on lesser powered versions and also sports a nonfunctional chromed intake on the hood flaunting its status. From ’67 through ’69 the SS427 could optionally have a higher power version, the “L72”, this delivers 425 bhp (317 kW). Most people after muscle cars during these years tended to buy the mid-sized models. The SS427 Impala Super Sport is very quick but there were not very many sold and they are extremely rare today.


From 1968 on the sales of the luxuriously appointed Caprice were getting progressively better but the sale of the full sized muscle car was declining at the same rate The Chevy fans are all purchasing the Nova and the Chevelle with the midsize cars from the competitive manufacturers also getting a lot of middle muscle business. The Super Sport in 1968 has been demoted to (RPO Z03)-a $179.00 option package on either a convertible or two different coupes but both the Z03 SS and the SS427 are still available for purchase although the high backed buckets with the console are not around for the SS. The logos in ’68 are all Impala SS but do include the SS427 emblems. The SS is unique though with its layered hood and three gills on each front fender behind the wheel wells. Due to the value of these rare cars there have been many “Tribute” cars offered as the real thing, but some of the above details are difficult if not impossible to duplicate.

Capture3 Capture6

The last year for the Impala SS has become known as the 1969 “sleeper” as it has an SS emblem on the steering wheel’s centre and that is the only thing on the outside that gives away what is under the hood. If you own a ’69 Impala SS then it is equipped with the 427 cu in (7.0 L) engine because it was the only choice available. Depending on which of three power options were chosen, the SS427 will deliver either 335 bhp (250 kW), 390 bhp (290 kW), or 425 bhp (317 kW). This is the first and only year that front discs are offered as an option on the SS Impala and if it is a factory equipped SS they will be 15 inch ones; the balance of the Impala for ’69 have 14 inch disc brakes if not the drum style. These are the last, the rarest, and the most valuable of any of the full sized Super Sports made and if you are looking to purchase one the details outlined above will help distinguish a clone from an original factory model. The Chevrolet “B” platform from 1965 to 1970 is the fourth bestselling platform in automotive history surpassed by the Volkswagen beetle, the Ford model “T”, and the European made/marketed Lada Riva.


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