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This video shows the real reason why we should all respect each other in traffic. If we are not respectful, at least we need to double check before cutting someone off. Who knows, maybe you can cut off the wrong guy? That`s certainly a possibility. That possibility is manifested into a reality in this video. It involves a very disrespectful lane switch. It all happened in California on the I15 south/78 east merge during heavy traffic. We can all get a bit frustrated during heavy traffic, but we need to be aware that others are feeling the exact same way.

The female driver in the white SUV decided to make a lane switch without taking in mind that she is terribly cutting another vehicle off. The person that got cut of most certainly wasn`t a fan of it. On top of that, it was an undercover police officer! You can presume what follows. She immediately got pulled over by the police. She must`ve gotten a huge fine for that dirty maneuver. That would most certainly teach this driver a powerful lesson. It`s not one driver`s responsibility to make space for merging traffic. Merging traffic can`t merge unless the lane is clear. That`s the law!

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