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In 1889, two brothers named Edward and Andre Michelin, begin a family business manufacturing rubber in France, however, it is 1891 before they patent their first pneumatic tire.


The first documented use of a motorized vehicle involved in War is 1899, by the British, during the Second Boar War (1899-1902).


Kenosha Wisconsin is the home of Thomas Jeffery, who manufactures bicycles, but introduces his first car, the Rambler in 1902.


By 1972 there are about 224 million cars on earth and almost half of them are in the USA.


Ralph Nader publishes a book in 1965 called “Unsafe At Any Speed” which attacks the Auto Industry fingering a number of popular models, including the Corvair and the VW Beatle, pointing out safety issues they may have had.


The first Toyota American based factory opens in Kentucky during 1986.


General Motors and Chrysler, in 2006, lay off thousands of employees, plus post astronomical loses, only to be saved by a government bail-out.

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