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Getting your car stolen or ransacked is never fun but this guy was able to get the guy in the act and actually stop an ongoing crime! His security camera picks up the thief as he starts going through his SRT jeep and the owner gets a notification! The notification was all he needed, he sprung into action and got his gun! He ran out of the house barefoot and ran after the crook with his gun out as the thief flees!

“On my laptop I have my Nest Camera page open, and when a person walks by the camera recognizes that it’s a person and notifies me through the app on my phone. Normally I ignore it, but occasionally I’ll glance over and look at the screen. Sure as shit I see some asshole inside my Jeep going through my stuff. Grab my gun, tell my fiance to call 911, and run out to try and catch him. Note, I’m a former MP so I am trained and wouldn’t just shoot some dope trying to steal my vehicle. I took my weapon for protection incase he was armed. Unfortunately I was barefoot, and when he saw me he ran. Even the gun didn’t scare him. Turns out when I moved my Jeep earlier in the night I either forgot to lock it, or I inadvertently unlocked it by leaning on the key FOB. I’ve done that before. Of all nights to accidentally leave it unlocked or open it by mistake, some douche tries the door handle and it’s open. Must’ve scared the shit out of that young guy. He kept looking back over his shoulder at me. Oh well, you can’t catch’em all.”

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