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Opinion 1
Muscle cars and sports cars are both flashy, fast, and impressive, but they’re far from the same thing. Sports cars operate on the objective of sleek visuals, high speeds, and agile handling, with lighter weights and sleeker exteriors than their counterparts in the muscle car market. Muscle cars excel in the fields of torque, engine size, and sheer power- muscle cars generally have V8 or greater engines, with higher centers of gravity than sports cars, as their construction focuses on acceleration and “dig-in-and-go power” rather than maneuverability at high speeds.

Opinion 2
Many people may lump these two cars automatically together. However, I found out, they are polar opposites entirely. These are the facts.

Different engines – Muscle cars get their muscle name for one reason and this is because of their big and powerful V-8’s or better. Sports cars have smaller engines that are powerful. A sports car’s power comes from forced induction.

Different bodies – Muscle cars have lots of bold curves that accentuate their power trying bulging at the seams and sports cars are more sleek.

These are some of the differences that make them as different as day and night.

Opinion 3
Although the terms “muscle car” and “sports car” are used interchangeably, there are differences the the discerning car enthusiast should note. Traditional muscle cars deliver powerful engines with high torque, and a body with curves and round styling that plays homage to the muscle label. While these powerful engines can get you from 0 to 60 quite quickly, they take a back seat to the more nimble sports cars in agility. The sleek bodied sports car has a smaller engine, but if you want to corner fast you’re looking for the almost athletic quality the sports car has to offer. 

Opinion 4
It’s hard to admit it, but even you’ve interchanged the terms “muscle car” and “sports car”. Is there really that big of a difference between the two?
Surprisingly, yes, including those between the engine, body, torque, price, handling, and potential. Muscle cars have at least V-8 engines and may cost more due to that fact. Sports cars are a dream to handle, and they’re fast thanks to smaller, quicker engines. Basically, muscle cars rock their powerful curves (and voice) like Sofía Vergara at a movie premiere. Sports cars are sleek and can make those sharp, quick moves muscle cars can’t.

Opinion 5
The difference between a Muscle car and a Sports car is like the difference between a young Arnold Swarzenneger and Brad Pitt.
One has straight lines lots of power and makes plenty of noise.
The other is not quite as powerful or loud but looks and handles great.
Muscle cars typically have V-8 engines in larger body cars, while sports cars opt for sleek lines, smaller higher revving engines, and much better road handling.
Either choice you make will be an investment that turns people heads and generates many conversations with curious onlookers and fellow car enthusiasts.

Opinion 6
If you are anything like me, you know that these two are what dreams are made of. Often lumped together for being cool, they are quite different. Muscle cars’ engines are big, powerful and naturally aspirated while sports cars engines are small but quick due to turbo or supercharger boost. And, Even though sports cars have better handling, I am more thrilled by the higher torque pull of the muscle cars which is why I honestly don’t mind that they are slightly more expensive.

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