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Some of the world`s biggest companies have been coming up more efficient ways to make their company even more successful. As most of you know, UPS is one the biggest delivery service worldwide and they have over 100,000 trucks in service as well as hundreds of planes. Their company is so big that they deliver up to 15.8 million packages each day! These numbers simply confirm their power but none the less, they continue to make progress and they came up with a bit odd policy. To many of you this might sound ridiculous, but the UPS trucks have a right turn policy, thus meaning that they can only make right turns while delivering packages due to fuel efficiency.

Of course when the only turn they could make is left, they take a turn left but as much as 90% of their turns are right. This myth was also tested on Mythbusters which proved that despite the right only route might be slower by just couple of minutes, the fuel efficiency if much better. Many years ago it was confirmed that left turns not only are inefficient, but there is a greater chance of accidents.

This means that the profits UPS is making have significantly increased since they implemented this policy back in 2004. UPS trucks have a pre-determined right only route before they went off to deliver the package. This policy can only get better in the future and we are all happy to see that massive companies take care of the environment too! :

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