Shipping - You will be notified when your product is shipped.  You should also receive a link, where you can track the status of your order.  Please allow 2 to 15 business days for shipment in the United States (depending on shipping method), and 3 to 35 business days for international orders.  We offer over 1000 products including size and color variations.

Bonus Tickets - You will receive an email, usually within a few business days of purchase, with a code that you can use at  Please check promotions and spam if you have difficulty finding it.  Search for  Ticket distribution will be automated and instantaneous in the near future.  Dream Giveaway is raising money for charity, and we will make a donation on your behalf.  You can order any prize that Dream Giveaway offers, and use the code to get 10 tickets for free.  Simply select the prize, complete the order process, and use the code at the appropriate time.

More than 5% of our emails get lost in spam and promotions.  It is causing a lot of consternation, because there are transactional emails such ticket emails, order emails, and support emails that are getting lost.  Please add to your address book.  This should allow our emails to bypass the automated filters.  We typically send the ticket email within one or two business days.  Don't forget to check spam and promotions and mark our content as not spam, in case the address book trick doesn't work with your system.  The filters use artificial intelligence.  They do not do the same thing every time.  We are trying to automate the ticket emails, so it is instantaneous in the future.  That way you know to check right away.

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  Muscle Car Fan at  Please include your name, your email, the order number, a detailed description, and a photo (if relevant).  All replacements & refunds require photos.

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