It is possible to receive just the tickets without the T-shirt or eBook. However, we recommend waiting until we send a special email promoting a specific car and donating at least $25. By waiting for our email and donating at least $25, you can get bonus tickets... as many as double, depending on what offer is running.

The T-shirts and eBooks, however, are a fantastic deal if you want a modest number of tickets... especially if you don't want to wait.  You can have just 10 tickets for $20 (best deal anywhere), or you can have 10 tickets and a T-shirt for the same price (right here).  You get something guaranteed  with 10 tickets included with each product. If you spend at least $45, then you will receive an extra 10 tickets.  You can get eBooks for $17 and T-shirts for as little as $19.95 (including shipping & handling).  These prices are competitive just for the products...  so, the tickets are basically free, even though they are worth $20.

We offer over 3,500 variations of our products including different designs, fabrics, sizes, and colors. The Gildan Cotton T-shirts start at $19.95. They are a sturdy cotton, and come in as many as 3 colors. The Bella Cotton T-shirts start at $24.95. They are a thinner more lightweight cotton, but still durable. They are available in many more colors. The Bella Tri-blend T-shirts are soft, comfortable, lightweight, and extremely durable. They start at $29.75. I play tennis in them, because they are so comfortable.

The ticket proceeds support charities.  We could give you 1 ticket, but then we would be donating 90% less to charity.  What is the fun in that?  No company donates this high of a percentage of revenue to charity. We are just making it more fun and doing some good for the World. We hope you enjoy all of the awesome free content! The content is designed to the Gold Standard, just like everything else about Muscle Car Fan. Wes Vital, an American Certified Mechanic, handles your Social Media.

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