1968 Mustang-The World’s Finest Bullitt Restomod

We have a great way for you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic car-chase film, Bullitt. Bring home this fully restored 1968 Mustang Bullitt in the 2018 Mustang Dream Giveaway.

Bullitt represents all that is great about the classic Ford Mustang just like Smokey and the Bandit does for Trans Am fans. To bring you the ultimate restored 1968 Mustang Bullitt, Dream Giveaway searched the entire country and sought out a classic Pony so spectacular that we think Steve McQueen, if he were alive, would love to own it as his personal vehicle.

This fully restored Mustang features world-class restomod upgrades from bumper to bumper, including the ultimate in performance and fun: a classic 390ci Ford engine with dual four-barrel carbs and intake, a modern five-speed manual transmission and muscular dual exhaust.

And that’s just the start. When you drive this magnificent Mustang around town or on your next road trip, you’ll be in total control of the pavement, thanks to an independent front suspension, adjustable billet coilovers, meaty four-piston, four-wheel disc brakes and a Ford 9-inch rear end. You’ll enjoy your new classic Mustang in incredible comfort, chilling out with redesigned bucket seats, a Vintage Air Gen IV A/C system and a set of electronic Classic Instrument gauges.

When you want to show off, your new Mustang—already an Autorama Show alumnus— is ready for you to start bringing home trophy after trophy after trophy.

This classic Mustang Bullitt took over $150,000 to build, and you can bring it home in the Mustang Dream Giveaway. It’s just half of the grand-prize package. Just wait until you see what we’ve paired it with. Keep reading.


2019 Mustang Bullitt Limited-Edition Muscle Car

The Internet went crazy this past January when Molly McQueen, the granddaughter of actor Steve McQueen, rolled onto a Detroit stage in the new limited edition 2019 Mustang Bullitt. Fifty years after Steve McQueen defined cool for a generation in the film, Bullitt, the good guys at Ford Motor Company have ordered a reboot of the classic, Highland Green Mustang fastback that beat a Dodge Charger at its own tomfoolery on the hilly roads of San Francisco.

If you’re the winner, you’ll bring home this 2019 Mustang Bullitt with the best performance, luxury and cool that Ford can engineer, including a 480hp fuel-injected engine, six-speed manual transmission, and Recaro sport seats.

This V-8 powered muscle machine features the Bullitt Technology Package and Magneride Damping System, totaling $3,800 worth of factory upgrades.

And to take your new Mustang Bullitt to the next level, Dream Giveaway Garage installed specially selected genuine Ford Performance parts, including a short-throw shifter, lowering springs and Bullitt-proof half shafts. Remember, the 2019 Mustang Bullitt is a limited-edition muscle car commanding top dollar at new Ford dealerships. But you can skip the line when you enter to win it in the 2018 Mustang Dream Giveaway.

Are you ready to bring home the world’s finest 1968 Mustang Bullitt restomod and a brand-new 2019 Mustang Bullitt limited-edition muscle car? They are both yours, plus we pay $25,000 toward the taxes when you enter and win both Mustang Bullitts in the 2018 Mustang Dream Giveaway.

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